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What we do

SNC Engineering helps architects,  developers,  public and private clients to design clean,  green,  safe,  comfortable,  and exciting buildings,  meeting the needs of both the client and his customers.

We design sophisticated, and easily operated Building Services Installations, to ensure fresh, airy, warm or cool as appropriate, well-lit, well-serviced buildings, in accordance with the clients brief.

Benefits of our Service

  • Early design, locating building on site, advising on fašade, Building Energy Rating, Building Regulations assessments.
  • Excellent design,  based on years,  and then some,  of experience.
  • Solid dependable building services installations.  (We have fun getting there on the very odd occasion,  but the job is always left in order when completed.)
  • A touch of flair somewhere in the project,  perhaps in the lighting installation, or in energy use, sometimes elsewhere.
  • Well tendered and cost-controlled projects, given a reasonable brief,  good pre-site design strategy, and control of amendments at the on-site stage.

What makes us different

  • We are very straight in our dealings with our clients.
  • Our commitment to low energy solutions.
  • Our clients will be told of problems on their jobs.
  • We earn only our fees.  There are no hidden commissions or other charges.
  • We provide excellent traditional solid design solutions,  made to last.
  • Young enthusiastic engineers complement well,  the older heads, and vice versa.
  • We like to include the "wow!" factor as well,  and add a touch of flair to our design.
  • The main difference between us and others, is the excellence of the people we now have in their various roles,  and our commitment to excellence..
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